The rest of the UHPC awardees, and not much else

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Darpa logoWe already mentioned the award that the NVIDIA team received as part of DARPA’s UHPC program, but in fact four TA1 design teams were awarded funding as part of the program this week. DARPA released its own press release [PDF] which doesn’t say much new other than who is leading the winning teams: the four TA1 teams are Intel, NVIDIA, MIT’s CSAIL, Sandia; and the TA2 benchmark team is led by the Georgia Institute of Technology. We know that Cray is on NVIDIA’s team from the NVIDIA announcement. The only other vendor I’ve heard of that is playing a major role on one of the teams is SGI. According the grapevine SGI is on Intel’s team, but this has not been confirmed.

Timothy Prickett Morgan at The Register has little more in his coverage of the announcement, but so far the folks involved with the program aren’t saying much more than the very basics, and his article has quite a bit of speculation and rumor in it; in fact, we don’t even seem to know the total funding for the project so far, other than we know that NVIDIA got $25M over four years from their press release.


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  1. Jason Riedy says

    That’s because the rest of the teams are sitting in conference rooms fleshing out the details.