Interview: Oracle Grid Engine Alive and Well

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If you’ve been wondering what the story is on the future of Oracle Grid Engine (formerly Sun Grid Engine) then you’re not alone. Our page hit counts go through the roof whenever we write about it.

In this interview, Moe Fardoost, Sr. Director of Product Marketing, and Daniel Templeton, Principal Product Manager for OGE, give us a quick peek at where Grid Engine is going.

If you look at where OGE has traditionally focused, it has been in the areas of scalability and flexibility. OGE today is able to tackle a very diverse set of workloads across a large number of different environments. It’s been used for everything from modeling underground oil wells to assembling human genomes to assigning seats on commercial flights. As the product settles into its new home at Oracle, we intend to “enterprise up” the product. The end goal is that OGE will be the platform for business-driven resource management and the cornerstone of enterprise technical computing.

I’ve been a big fan of Grid Engine ever since Sun bought Gridware in 2000. And in my mind, Grid Engine represents the fruition of Scott McNealy’s vision that “The Network is the Computer.”

So moving on to today, I think a lot of us still believe in that vision. Grid Engine was Open Source and still has a tremendous following out there. But isn’t it sad that this interview, as brief as it is, represents our last, best hope for peace?