Scalable Informatics Offering Cash for Clunkers

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The government’s Cash for Clunkers program is behind us, and depending on who you believe, it was either a rousing success or a complete folly.

Now the clever folks at Scalable Informatics are rolling out their own Hardware Trade-up Program in response to competitors departing the market or otherwise reducing their support for HPC storage systems.

We are proud to offer our Hardware Trade-up Program as a solution to companies concerned about the potential for support of the hardware that is so essential to the success of their business,” said Joseph Landman, PhD., CEO and Founder of Scalable Informatics. “Through this program, companies will not only receive new, faster hardware, they’ll gain some peace of mind as well.

Will this program be compelling to Lustre customers locked out in the cold by Oracle? They now have other options, so time will tell. But in this car analogy, “Software. Hardware. Complete.” reads like graffiti on the ruins of American Motors.