Tesla GPUs Come to IBM BladeCenter

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I think the most significant announcement at this year’s GPU Technology Conference was the one that didn’t get a press release. You have to forgive IBM, as they had a lot of Deep Things going on, I guess, but this is a big deal; Tesla M2070 GPUs are coming to BladeCenter.

A Fermi blade offering for IBM’s BladeCenter opens up a vast new market for these products given the large numbers of BladeCenter chassis in IBM’s customer base.” said Dan Olds, HPC Editor at The Register. “To me, this move by IBM, along with moves in the same direction from Dell and HP, paves the way towards wider enterprise adoption of GPU computing.”

IBM has been very smart about not changing the form factor of the BladeCenter too much since its introduction in 2002. So there are thousands of these chassis out there in the world. And now you can slide a Tesla into just about any one of them and go to town.

Big Blue has offered Nvidia GPUs on their iDataPlex platform for a while now. In fact, GPUs helped Mississippi State University attain the number one spot for x86 systems on the Green 500 list. They’ll be featured in this webinar on Wednesday, September 29, so check it out. Deep Thoughts don’t have to be Deep Secrets.


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