T-Platforms Joint Venture to Develop Superpowered EXTOLL Interconnect

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Russian supercomputer vendor T-Platforms today announced a joint venture with the Computing Architecture Group, headed by Prof. Ulrich Brüning at the University of Heidelberg, to develop and bring to market a next generation interconnect technology for highly scalable HPC clusters.

The joint venture will focus on the productization of the Computing Architecture Group’s EXTOLL (Extreme Low Latency Interconnect) interconnect technology, which is currently in the prototype stage. The EXTOLL system architecture includes advances on the network layer, a network interface controller, and a software layer to enable applications to exploit the EXTOLL hardware and reach higher performance and efficiency.

Entering the European HPC market this year for the first time, it is our highest priority to fuel high-end hardware and software technology development, working in close partnership with the leading research groups and HPC centers,” said Vsevolod Opanasenko, CEO of T-Platforms Group. “We are convinced that investing our talent and money into the EXTOLL development effort will result in tremendous benefit not only for the EU, but for the global HPC community.”

I remember meeting Prof. Ulrich Brüning at ISC’07 in Dresden. At the time, he was already excited about EXTOLL and I helped him set up a meeting with Andy Bechtolsheim. Brüning is a remarkable fellow and it’s great to see his dream coming to market.

There is already quite a bit of buzz about this technology and this announcement. T-Platforms is definitely a company to watch – they are closing deals, forging strategic alliances, and getting the attention of investors. That’s a powerful combination. Come see for yourself. The EXTOLL technology will be showcased at University of Heidelberg Booth #1259 at SC10.


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  1. T-Platforms is also showcasing at SC10 as a partner at the nVIDIA booth.
    –Henry Strauss
    Business Development Manager Germany
    tplatforms GmbH