siCluster NAS Scales Out at Under $1000 per Terabyte

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Last week Scalable Informatics announced their siCluster NAS scale-out network attached storage product. According to the company’s CEO Joe Landman, siCluster NAS is a cost-effective scale-out NAS built out of their  siCluster products using Delta-V as the storage node, and GlusterFS v3.1+ as the storage network software. The siCluster NAS provides NFS, CIFS, and GlusterFS client access.

With up to 800MB/s bandwidth per storage node, the siCluster NAS scales bandwidth as you add capacity, which is critical for scaleout network attached storage. With capacity ranging from 10 Tbytes to multiple Petabytes, the siCluster NAS has a notable list price of under $1,000 per Terabyte.

“We are excited to see GlusterFS integrated with a platform as strong as siCluster NAS,” said Jack O’Brien, vice president of marketing for Gluster. “Scalable Informatics has a proven track record of delivering high quality commercial storage solutions to a market clearly demanding scale-out storage to meet today’s needs. We look forward to working further with the Scalable Informatics team in support of this tremendous growth opportunity.”


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