Dongarra Makes Case for Exascale

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Jack Dongarra makes the case for building Exascale supercomputers this week in Tennessee Today:

The drive to exascale is coming about from the science community. It’s not the technology that’s drawing us to exascale. The technology can take us there and that’s the good news, but it’s really the science that’s the driver, in some sense. These science applications have stepped up and said, ‘In order for us to do the kinds of problems that we can’t do today — in order for us to do them in the future — we need exascale computing,” Dongarra explained.


  1. Bravo, Jack. Science codes are stepping up in many fields, though in other fields the known science is too limited to support single big runs across, say, >20% of an ultrahigh-end system. We’re seeing more science and engineering codes relying on iterative/stochastic methods in cases where the peak performance has raced out ahead of the known science and/or existing algorithms. An important trend for justifying funding and ROI on multi-PF and exaflop systems. But then, the biggest systems have always run both “capability” and “capacity” jobs.