GoGrid: Training Wheels for Cloud Computing

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Cloud Compuitng is still a scary concept for many companies. What about data security, quality of service, and compliance with federal law? Now, GoGrid is launching a new service to help wary companies warm up to the cloud through an “enterprise-grade hosted private cloud solution.” GoGrid Chief Executive John Keagy says the new service amounts to “training wheels for cloud computing.”

According to Ted Chamberlin, Research Vice President at Gartner, “Enterprise adoption of cloud computing is accelerating but many find that hurdles exist in pure public or private cloud models. Hybrid cloud models including hosted private cloud offerings will stimulate adoption by bridging the gap between current and future cloud-based IT infrastructure requirements. Enterprises require tighter security controls, rigorous auditability, and predictable management of cloud computing services and hosted private clouds provide the means to do so.”

Are training wheels the right approach for the enterprise? It seems to me that the companies who can deliver real value and then scale it as you grow will be the ones with customers for life.