CloudSigma's Carbon-Neutral Cloud

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Some years ago, labeling products as Green was a sure way to get ink for your hardware offerings. Thanks to Moore’s law, the doubling of transistors every 18 months means that pretty much everyone’s new box does more computing per watt than their old box.

Now Swiss import CloudSigma is attempting to take Cloud Computing to the land of Carbon Neutral with the announcement that it has completed implementation of a carbon offsetting program.

According to CloudSigma CEO Patrick Baillie, the company has adopted a strategy of “avoid, reduce and offset. By choosing an efficient data centre, using modern power efficient equipment and drawing electricity from one of greenest grids in the world, we’ve gone a long way to reducing our impact. Offsetting the remaining carbon footprint forms an integral part of our commitment to greener computing.”

CloudSigma’s is able to provide carbon neutral computing partly because its data center is located in Switzerland, which has “one of the greenest electricity grids in the world.”


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