P&G Lines up with Ohio Supercomputer Center on Modeling and Simulation Projects

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Over five years ago, HPC got a lot of ink around the story about Procter & Gamble using supercomputers to simulate the airflow over potato chips. Now, the Ohio Supercomputer Center (OSC) has signed a collaboration agreement with the Procter & Gamble Company, enabling the two to work together on modeling and simulation projects aimed at accelerating innovation collaboration between industry and academia.

This critical partnership accelerates the innovation process so that we can propel better-designed products into the global marketplace,” said Tom Lange, director of corporate research and development modeling and simulation at P&G. “This project is aimed at making us more competitive, while also providing significant benefit to the university community by furthering its educational and research objectives.”

Under the terms of the agreement, OSC will provide P&G with access to the center’s computational systems and collaboration on modeling and simulation projects. OSC’s IBM “Glenn” supercomputer features 9,500 cores, 24 terabytes of memory and a peak computational capability of 75 teraflops. Read the Full Story.