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Barrenechea Named 2011 Best Large Technology Company CEO

SGI CEO Mark J. Barrenechea has been named 2011 Best Large Technology Company CEO by the San Francisco Business Times.

The profiles of our Tech & Innovation awardees show incredible resilience and rebirth, as in the story of how Rackable Systems CEO Mark J. Barrenechea dug storied super-computing firm Silicon Graphics Inc. out of the recession’s rubble and turned it into a half-a-billion-dollar powerhouse.” Wonderlich Securities analyst Brian Freed added, “To Mark’s credit, he saw value where nobody else did.”

Mark has done a phenomenal job of bringing the two companies together. The sum is greater than the two parts. I can’t imagine anyone could have done it better,” said William Thigpen, branch chief at the NASA advanced supercomputing division in Mountain View.


  1. Wasn’t Rackable doing about $500 Mil in business in the mid 2000s? Seems he just got them back to square one. Not sure how taking on 1200+ SGI employees and not really growing revenue beyond Rackable alone did makes any sense.

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