Barrenechea Named 2011 Best Large Technology Company CEO

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SGI CEO Mark J. Barrenechea has been named 2011 Best Large Technology Company CEO by the San Francisco Business Times.

The profiles of our Tech & Innovation awardees show incredible resilience and rebirth, as in the story of how Rackable Systems CEO Mark J. Barrenechea dug storied super-computing firm Silicon Graphics Inc. out of the recession’s rubble and turned it into a half-a-billion-dollar powerhouse.” Wonderlich Securities analyst Brian Freed added, “To Mark’s credit, he saw value where nobody else did.”

Mark has done a phenomenal job of bringing the two companies together. The sum is greater than the two parts. I can’t imagine anyone could have done it better,” said William Thigpen, branch chief at the NASA advanced supercomputing division in Mountain View.


  1. Wasn’t Rackable doing about $500 Mil in business in the mid 2000s? Seems he just got them back to square one. Not sure how taking on 1200+ SGI employees and not really growing revenue beyond Rackable alone did makes any sense.