HPC Advisory Council a "Great Resource" for Users

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Kathleen Ellertson from Intel’s Cluster Ready team writes that the HPC Advisory Council is a great resource for HPC Users:

The Advisory Council provides best practice recommendations and installation guides for a variety of HPC applications, as well as training opportunities, an online forum for interacting with HPC experts, and cluster resources you can use for testing, optimizing, and benchmarking your applications.

Intel has been working with the HPC Advisory Council to develop best practice recommendations and installation guides for popular open source HPC applications running on Intel Cluster Ready certified systems. Installation guides are available now for Adaptive Mesh Refinement, BQCD, CP2K, CPMD, Espresso, Himeno, LAMMPS, NAMD, NWChem, OpenFOAM, and WRF. If you don’t see the application you’re interested in, stay tuned. More are coming. Or contact the HPC Advisory Council. They’re always looking for input from HPC users.

View all the Intel Cluster Ready Installation Best Practices.

Ed note: If you are headed to Hamburg for ISC, be sure to check out the agenda for the June 19 HPC Advisory Council European Workshop.


  1. Bravo, Kathleen!