Nothing Kills Petascale Bugs like Allinea's DDT 3.0

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Today Allinea Software updated what it calls the “first debugger capable of handling applications running across hundreds of thousands of cores – needed to deliver Petaflops performance.” The latest version of the product, DDT 3.0, improves the graphical debugger to increase programmer efficiency when working at scale.

“As scale increases, using a debugger becomes even more essential, yet the challenges for debuggers in terms of performance and interface complexity become greater.  We at Allinea are now providing the speed and the interface to beat this challenge.  With response times measured in milliseconds at over 100,000 cores, and an interface that simplifies the presentation of many processes by merging similarities and highlighting differences we have a tool that is as easy to use on 100,000 cores as it is on 100 cores”, says Dr David Lecomber, CTO of Allinea Software.

Using a tree-based architecture, DDT 3.0 provides features like a new Smart Highlighting capability that quickly and automatically compares variables across processes, providing a handy visual aid for users debugging multiple processes at scale. Read the Full Story.