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SC11 July Newsletter Highlights Pending Deadlines

The July edition of the SC11 Newsletter is out with these headlines:

  • Welcome from the Chair
  • Communities Program Adds New and Exciting Enhancements
  • Education Program Full of Opportunities
  • New – Advanced Track Added to the Broader Engagement Program
  • Applications Being Accepted for the Student Volunteers Program
  • Student Cluster Competition is On!
  • Assistance for SC International Attendees
  • SC11 Awards
  • ACM-IEEE CS Ken Kennedy Award (nominations due July 1)
  • IEEE Seymour Cray Computer Science and Engineering Award (nominations due July 1)
  • IEEE Sidney Fernbach Memorial Award (nominations due July 1)
  • George Michael Memorial HPC Fellowship Program (submissions deadline extended to July 14)
  • Birds of a Feather (submissions due July 22)
  • Disruptive Technologies (submissions due July 22)
  • Doctoral Showcase (submissions due July 22)
  • Posters (submissions due July 22)

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