ParaSail Language to Ease Multicore Programming

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Multicore is everywhere from mobile devices to the datacenter. Enter ParaSail, a new programming language designed by SofCheck CTO Tucker Taft.

ParaSail uses a number of other tricks, some that draw on languages developed in the late 1980s and early 1990s for supercomputers—machines running many individual computer chips networked together. “The design of the language itself is essentially complete,” says Taft, who presented details of the language on Wednesday at the O’Reilly Open Source Convention. “The first version of the compiler will be released in the next month or so.” The language will work on Windows, Mac, and Linux computers.

It’s always tough to get traction with a new language, but Microsoft and Intel are reportedly putting $20 million into adapting existing languages for multicore processors, so ParaSail will have its work cut out for it. Read the Full Story.


  1. Titus Andronycus says

    The link ‘full story’ points to something completly unrelated.