Video: Conference Kickoff – Hot Interconnects 2011

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In this video, conference chair Fabrizio Petrini kicks off the Hot Interconnects 2011 symposium in Santa Clara. We’re happy to see insideHPC get a mention, and we are looking forward to posting presentation videos from Intel’s professional camera crew in the coming days.

This video is just a summary of the opening talk, but you can Download the slides (PDF).

Why do we need fast interconnects? Intel VP Tom Swinford made it clear in his opening remarks with these statistics:

By 2015:

  • 1 Billion more Internet users will come on line
  • 15 billion more devices

Clearly, the networks of the future are going to have to transfer mind-boggling amounts of information. And if you’re wondering about why Intel would want to be so involved, Swinford noted that you need one server for every 200 smart phones and one server for every 122 tablets.


  1. En este video, presidente de la conferencia Fabrizio Petrini se inicia el simposio caliente Interconexiones 2011 en Santa Clara. Estamos contentos de ver insideHPC obtener una mención, y estamos esperando a publicar videos de la presentación de equipo de cámara profesional de Intel en los próximos días.