Dell Smart Containment Racks Keep the Cool Air Where You Need It

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Power and cooling efficiency is an ever-increasing concern in HPC datacenters. Among the top-tier vendors, Dell in particular has been focusing on this area as a way to differentiate it’s product offerings. The company’s new PowerEdge Energy Smart Containment Rack Enclosures are a good example, as they provide a cost-effective stand-alone cold-air containment solution for raised-floor data centers.

Since a typical raised-floor implementation without containment distributes cold air into the whole room, it may be necessary to overprovision the airflow by 2-3x in order to provide enough air to the installed equipment. Even then, hot and cold air may mix, meaning warm air may be ingested by some systems or hot spots may form in some areas. Containment is a growing industry trend to address these issues but, unlike other containment systems (like aisle containment), the Energy Smart Rack can deploy one at a time, anywhere in the data center, without impacting facilities such as on-site fire-suppression systems. Just position it over a well-ventilated tile and install your IT equipment – the airflow from the raised floor is directed into the sealed front plenum for even distribution to all of the mounted systems. And, with the air delivery contained, the Energy Smart rack can support high-density and cloud-computing installations, up to 25kW of IT equipment at 25°C per rack.

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