SC11 Visualization Showcase to be Project Runway for Science

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The SC11 conference is rolling out an all-new Scientific Visualization Showcase this year in Seattle.

We want to show the SC audience how beautiful science can be and also highlight the important role that visualization plays in understanding scientific data,” said Kelly Gaither, director of visualization at the Texas Advanced Computing Center and chair of the SC11 Visualization Showcase.

The Scientific Visualization Showcase will be presented in a museum/art exhibit-style environment so that attendees can experience and enjoy the latest in science and engineering HPC results expressed through state-of-the-art visualization technologies. Read the Full Story.


  1. I’m sorry, but it seems just a bit ridiculous to turn beauty in science into runway modeling for science. Is that all you meatheads can think of when you see a woman’s face in an HPC post?

    • Jeff Science, I thought the headline in the press release was a little dry, “SC11 Visualization Showcase to Highlight the Beauty of Science.” So I added a reference to pop-culture in the hopes that more people would read the story and attend the thing. There was nothing derogatory intended, and we added the photo of Dr. Gather after the fact because she was being quoted. That is all.