Yale Supercomputer to Bulldog Ivy League

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Zoe Gorman writes that Yale’s fastest supercomputer ever will soon come online. With 704 nodes, the “Bulldog O” supercomputer will deliver somewhere in the neighborhood of 52.5 Tflops of performance.

Researchers are already lining up to use the system:

David Frioni, ITS’s manager of high performance computing said ITS has configured a “queueing system” based on a policy from the faculty committee. Researchers will send jobs to the supercomputer through an interface that can be run on their personal computers, and the queueing system determines which jobs Bulldog O will process when, according to the committee’s policy, he said.

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  1. Hi Ralph,

    It’s great to see Yale on InsideHPC.com, but the article has a few minor errors in it – such as the ranking and the total price, for example. I won’t discuss price, but the ranking, 146th, is where the system was in November of 2010. Current rankings will have it a bit lower, as followers of this website are likely to see. It’s certainly a great system for the university, and I believe the largest in the Ivy League at the moment, though clearly Colorado, USC, Clemson, Purdue and other institutions have faster systems. Hopefully, though, Yale will continue these sorts of investments, and couple them with investments in manpower, and have a strong presence in HPC in the years to come.

    And of course the article meant it does 52,526 _billion_ calculations per second (52.5 TF). It’s been a long, long time since 52,526 calculations per second would land a system in the Top 500!

    – B