A New ‘Home Base’ for HPC – ACM’s Newest Special Interest Group

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Today ACM launched a new Special Interest Group on High Performance Computing: SIGHPC, the first international group within a major professional society that is devoted exclusively to the needs of students, faculty, and practitioners in high performance computing. Their mission is simple: spread the use of high performance computing and help raise the standards of the profession and ensure a rich and rewarding career for people involved in the field.

Part of the excitement of high-performance computing as a career is that it is very multi-disciplinary in nature,” says Cherri Pancake, Professor at Oregon State University and the first Chair of SIGHPC. “HPC brings together computational techniques, algorithms, system software, computer architecture, parallel programming, and system administration. But finding your way among the choices and career paths can be challenging.”

The new group will host a booth in the Main Lobby at SC11. There prospective members can take advantage of a discounted introductory rate or join anytime at sighpc.org. Read the Full Story.