Cycle Computing Announces CycleCloud BigScience Challenge Finalists at SC11

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Cycle Computing has announced the finalists of its CycleCloud BigScience Challenge at SC11. The contest will award $10,000 of computation time to a researcher who is working on behalf of a non-profit organization to further humanity. Finalists were selected based on originality, creativity and suitability to run on CycleCloud clusters launched within Amazon Web Services (AWS). In addition to this prize, Amazon Web Services will provide the winner with a $2,500 credit.
We created the CycleCloud BigScience Challenge to remove boundaries and help democratize access to supercomputing resources” said Jason Stowe, founder and CEO, Cycle Computing. “As a bootstrapped company, we understand why researchers are usually confined to sizing their questions to the compute cluster they have, or can afford. These finalists highlight how utility supercomputing gives scientists the computational room to realize their vision, ask challenging questions, and move humanity forward.”

The finalists:

Alan Aspuru-Guzik, professor in department of chemistry and chemical biology and Johannes Hachmann, postdoctoral fellow, Harvard Clean Energy Project.

Jesus Izaguirre, associate professor of computer science and engineering and concurrent associate professor of applied and computational mathematics and statistics, University of Notre Dame.

Soumya Ray, assistant professor of neurology, Harvard Medical School.

Victor Ruotti, computational biologist, Morgridge Institute for Research.

Martin Steinegger, bioinformatics researcher, TU Munich ROSTLAB.

Each finalist will provide a presentation and demo on their research to the Cycle Judging Panel followed by a 30 minute Q&A. The Finalists’ entries will be judged against the contest criteria and the grand prize winner will be announced next year on the Cycle Computing site.

Visit Cycle Computing for more information on the finalists at Booth #443 at SC11.