Podcast: Jack Dongarra and Hans Meuer on the New TOP500

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In this podcast, Rich Brueckner and Dan Olds discuss the new TOP500 list with Jack Dongarra and Hans Meuer from TOP500.org. This is the 38th list, and over the course of the discussion I pulled out the following factoids:

  • This first time that the Top 10 rankings have not changed from list to list.
  • The #1 system, the K Computer is still #1, but it is 30 percent faster than it was back in June.
  • Of all the 500 machines on the list, only four use non-U.S. processors.
  • The total aggregate performance of all 500 systems is roughly 74 Petaflops. One year ago that number was 43 Petaflops.
  • In terms of number of machines on the list, China (75 systems) is now #2 behind the U.S. (263 systems).
  • There are 29 systems on the list that consume over 1 Megawatt of energy.
  • 10 Systems are now performing at 1 Petaflop or more.
  • There are 9.2 Million cores represented on the list.

Hans and Jack predict that the TOP500 in 2016 will consist entirely of systems running at a Petaflop or more.

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  1. What about that Linpack score posted by AWS … #42 with 250 TFLOP/s throughput!