Video: Texas Instruments Multicore DSPs for Low Power, Accelerated HPC

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In this slidecast, Arnon Friedmann from Texas Instruments provides an overview on the company’s new Multicore DSPs for HPC. The company is a newcomer to HPC, and you can see their demo at SC11 booth #4200.

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  1. Movidius ( 65nm Myriad processor achieves 50GFLOPS/W (16GFLOPS fp32 @ 330mW) and is in volume production.

    The device supports 8/16/32 int and fp16/fp32 operation and achieves an aggregate 1TOPS/W 8-bit operations at a 180MHz clock rate.

    The attached slideshare presentation details the current 65nm part and the next generation 28nm Myriad2 processor which will be available in 2012 and is target to achieve 450GFLOPS/W