Video: Open Science Rides LANL Mustang Super

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In this video, Bob Tomlinson from LANL describes the recently acquired Mustang supercomputer from Appro.

The Mustang system has been supporting larger jobs as was intended and in just few months of use it has already offered 434 Million CPU hours for competitive, peer-reviewed, open science. According to the latest November 2011 Top500 list, Mustang was ranked as the 46th fastest supercomputer in the world supporting Climate, Environment, Electronic and many other science research projects.


  1. Dave Wilson says

    This system has 38400 cores and was installed 4 months ago, that means the total time in core hours to date is somewhere around 110 million. How do you get to 434 million, is that time offered but not executed yet?
    38400 x 24(hrs) x 121 (days) = 111.51 total core hrs @100% usage with 0% downtime.