OSC Oakley Cluster Gets its Guns

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After 25 years of service, the Ohio Supercomputer Center has fired up a powerful new supercomputer named after the famous American sharpshooter, Annie Oakley. The 154 Teraflop Oakley Cluster is a hybrid HP system powered by 8328 Xeon x5650 cores, 128 Tesla M2070 GPUs, and the Lustre file system.

The new system provides nearly twice the memory per core (4 gigabytes) and three times the number of graphic processing units or ‘GPUs’ (128). The Oakley Cluster also provides researchers with one and a half times the performance of the Glenn Cluster at just 60 percent of Glenn’s power consumption and will expand OSC storage to nearly two petabytes with the addition of 600 terabytes of new DataDirect Lustre storage.

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