Video: Larry Smarr Looks to Future of Supercomputer Heatlh Tracking

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Back in the 80’s and 90’s at NSCA, Larry Smarr sparked a revolution in supercomputing, aiding the rise of the Internet. Gary Robbins writes that for the past 12 years Smarr has been on a different quest — cataloging and analyzing his own health biometrics.

Ever the scientist, Smarr’s documentation of his diet, stool, and blood analysis lead to his publishing a 28-page document in 2011 that revealed lots of highly specific information about his health, and what he had been doing to improve it.

Is this regimen really working? I first met Smarr in 1997. We were shooting an SGI video on visualization called The Power to See and he was notably heavier at the time. In fact, I have to say that he doesn’t look like he’s aged at all since then.

Where will this lead? Smarr envisions a future where health decisions are made based on data over time, not just on resulting symptoms that something is wrong.

Think of your health being monitored by a “global brain,” or a network of supercomputers that constantly draw data about your well-being from biosensors located on — and in — your body. Your data would be compared to that of others. Not a few people. Entire populations. Software would be used to spot emerging problems.


Read the Full Story. For more on this topic, check out this Larry Smarr talk from the Personalized Life Extension Conference 2010.