Call for Speakers and Sponsors: Netherlands GPU Parallel Programming Conference

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The Parallel Programming Conference has issued its Call for Papers. The event will be held in the Netherlands on June 21, 2012. Sponsored by Stream Computing, the event aims to help researchers and professionals share their experiences with GPGPU, OpenCL, CUDA and alike techniques.

Are you researching on/using OpenCL, CUDA, LLVM, OpenMP or alike, and you want to share this information to get feedback, cooperation partners and most of all appreciation? You are very welcome to speak at the small conference. Focus is on sharing information in the Benelux, and researchers who are looking for connections within the Benelux.

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  1. Of course this was not “papers”, but “speakers” – my mistake in not being perfectly multilingual. Meanwhile we have got what we searched for: over 10 researchers sharing their insights on GPGPU, OpenCL, CUDA, compilers and more.