Exascalar Ranking Weighs Performance and Efficiency

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Over at Datacenter Knowledge, Intel’s Winston Saunders looks at how the highest-ranked systems on the TOP500 and Green500 stack up in terms of his “Exascalar” metric that combines performance and efficiency.

The list of the top Exascalar systems show how the ranking stacks up with both the Performance and Efficiency rankings of the Top500 and Green500, respectively. The efficiency rankings of the BlueGene systems is a bit deceptive since all top 20 Green500 systems were BlueGene with the same (very high) efficiency. Overall BlueGene takes six of the top ten spots. The SPARC64 system, formerly the top system, declined to number 3. There are three Xeon based systems in the top ten.


  1. Jeff Hammond says

    It’s pretty sad that the person compiling this list didn’t bother to actually look at the Green500 to see that the different between the 20 Blue Gene/Q entries on the Green500 was negligible and therefore it’s really a 20-way tie for #1. This would only push the BG/Q systems higher in this silly exascalar metric.