SGI to Resell PGI High-performance Compilers

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Today The Portland Group announced that customers can now purchase PGI Fortran C, C++ compilers and development tools directly from SGI. Under the new agreement, SGI will resell PGI Fortran C and C++ compilers and development tools with SGI’s line of servers based on Intel processors and NVIDIA GPU accelerators.

The process of procuring software packages separate from an HPC hardware system can often be difficult and time-consuming,” said Douglas Miles, director of The Portland Group. “Now, customers who purchase x64 or x64+GPU processor-based systems from SGI can easily include a widely-used and integrated set of high-performance compilers and development tools that enable porting, debugging and tuning of MPI and OpenMP parallel science and engineering applications.”

The PGI compiler suite includes support for a wide array of programming languages and their PGI Accelerator Fortran 2003 and C99 compilers also include support for the OpenACC directive-based x64+GPU programming model, CUDA Fortran extensions for NVIDIA GPUs, and CUDA C/C++ extensions for 64-bit and 32-bit x86 CPUs. Read the Full Story.