Nvidia: Intel’s Xeon Phi Validates Accelerators

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It was a Battle Royale at SC12 recently as the two leading accelertor vendors rolled out new products. Over at The Inquirer, Lawrence Latif writes that Nvidia is claiming that Intel’s entry into the HPC GPGPU market validates the use of accelerators and increases the market for its own Tesla GPUs.

Sumit Gupta, GM of Nvidia’s HPC business unit sees Intel’s entrance as an opportunity to capitalise on a big brand validating accelerator based HPC computing. Gupta said, “We are delighted to have Intel in the market. If you think about it, until a year ago Nvidia was the only company trying to convince everybody to move to this accelerated way of computing and it’s a hurdle. If you have the leading company there, Intel, telling everyone ‘no no no, CPUs are going to get better’, it is much harder to keep growing the market. Now Intel is telling everyone the same thing, […] they are basically saying you have to use an accelerator and obviously they will promote their accelerator.”

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