The Russians are Coming: Stony Brook installs First T-Platforms Super in the USA

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This week T-Platforms announced that the first Russian-built HPC system in the USA has been delivered to the State University of New York at Stony Brook (SBU). According to SBU, T-Platforms scale-out ‘V-Class’ system was chosen for its compute density, power efficiency, sustained performance, and integrated chassis-level management.

We have developed a unique method to determine the optimal and stable structures of materials that have never existed before,” said Professor Artem Oganov of SBU. The algorithm that we have tried to recreate is carefully designed, mimicking the one of that exists in the nature. Two approaches might be used when creating new materials. The first is to search for all possible combinations of atoms within a crystal structure. The problem is that the number of variations within the structure is astronomical.  We have developed an evolutionary method requiring much less computational effort and [it] shows remarkable reliability.  The T-Platforms computing system has demonstrated the highest levels of performance in carrying out tasks using this method, and we are planning to expand the system in the near future.”

Based on T-Platforms’ V5000 enclosure, the 2.5 Petaflop system has been fine-tuned to run VASP quantum mechanics and molecular dynamics software for modeling of atomic-molecular and electron-nuclear systems. Read the Full Story.