Vogels on Cloud HPC: You’ll See More Innovation When Cost is not a Barrier

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Over at the Times of India, Sujit John caught up with Amazon CTO Werner Vogels to discuss how the Cloud is enabling cost-effective supercomputing applications.

Drug development is one area. Say you want to stop the behaviour of a cancer protein. You need a molecule to do that. But you do not know which of the 20 million molecules you have will work. With a company’s regular processors, it could take up to two months to find a potential molecule candidate. But with the cloud, you can get enough computing capacity to do it in an hour. There is such a drug development work that his happening through Schrodinger (which develops software algorithms for pharma research) and CycleComputing (which executes big data work on the cloud). The cloud can dramatically reduce drug development time, which is very important for pharma companies.

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