Video: What's New in Moab HPC Suite 7.2?

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In this video from SC12, Brady Kimball from Adaptive Computing presents: What’s New in Moab HPC Suite 7.2?

These latest editions of Moab demonstrate our continued commitment to improving the user experience of Moab as well as the back-end functionality,” noted Michael Jackson, president of Adaptive Computing. “By integrating the latest technology from other industry leaders into our solutions, we are making HPC systems run more effectively, which means manufacturers and researchers can more quickly bring their discoveries to the world.”

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  1. Someone should ask Mr. Jackson if this new version has gone through significant regression testing. Moab doesn’t appear to have enterprise software qualities.

  2. Adaptive Computing does extensive regression testing on a multitude of environments. Every environment is unique. We welcome FJW to contact Adaptive directly so that we can rectify any specific situation he or she might be facing within their unique environment. Please contact us toll free at 877-221-2008 or via e-mail at