Asetek to Cool HPC Clusters at World’s Northernmost University

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Today Asetek announced that the company’s liquid cooling technology been chosen by the University of Tromsø in Norway for a pilot installation at the university’s HPC facility. Asetek will reduce energy consumption of the data center and enable waste heat from servers to heat the university campus.

As the northern most university of the world, UiT’s campus needs constant heating for its buildings year round. Climate change, the exploitation of resources and environmental threats are all factors that have been considered when developing the new data center. Asetek’s RackCDU can take advantage of free outdoor ambient air cooling in almost any climate in the world and this is especially true for Tromsø due to its unique geographical position. No power will be used to actively chill the water and the heated liquid generated from the data center servers that would otherwise be wasted will be used to heat the university campus.

Asetek’s RackCDU is a hot water, direct-to-chip, data center liquid cooling system that enables cooling energy savings exceeding 50% and density increases of 2.5x when compared to modern air cooled data centers. RackCDU removes heat from server components, memory modules and other hot spots within servers and takes it all the way out of the data center using liquid. Read the Full Story.