ClusterVision Fires Up 200 Teraflop Super at University of Paderborn

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Today ClusterVision announced the installation of a 200 Teraflop supercomputer a the University of Paderborn. With 614 compute nodes and 10,000 cores, the hybrid system will run a wide range of commercial and open source HPC applications in technology and science. As a hybrid system, the supercomputer also includes 32 NVIDIA K20 GPUs and 8 Intel Xeon Phi coprocessors, providing an additional 40 Teraflops of compute power.

This system is a powerful compute resource for all researchers in the region of East Westphalia and Lippe, and our partners in Germany and Europe,” Prof.Dr. Holger Karl, head of the PC2 board.

With a system interconnect powered by Mellanox QDR InfiniBand, the Paderborn cluster uses Dell PowerVault MD3200 storage components powered by the FraunhoferFS FhGFS the parallel file- system. Read the Full Story.