Andrew Jones Previews ISC'13

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Over at the NAG Blog, Andrew Jones previews the upcoming ISC’13 conference with an eye on the overall HPC ecosystem.

I am a keen advocate that HPC is seen as a complete ecosystem of hardware, software, people, processes, etc. and not merely the hardware that is often the default focus of HPC. A supercomputer on its own is just a device for converting money into waste heat (via some floating point units and an oversized electricity bill). I’m hoping all parts of this ecosystem get appropriate attention in the conversations at ISC’13. (Read more on my views on this theme in the insideHPC interview.)

At insideHPC, we think we have an answer to the Big Question that Jones puts out there: Which bar will replace the cornerstone that was the Radisson Blu in Hamburg?

The answer is the Westin Leipzig Shinto Lobby Bar. See you there!