Livermore to Share 5 Petaflops with Industry

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Over at FCW Magazine, Mark Rockwell writes that Lawrence Livermore National Labs has five petaflops of computing power it wants to share. To help fuel technological innovation to spur U.S. economic competitiveness, the research facility has officially opened up access to its massive Vulcan supercomputer to industry and academia for collaborative developmental projects.

High performance computing is a key to accelerating the technological innovation that underpins U.S. economic vitality and global competitiveness,” said Fred Streitz, HPC Innovation Center director, in a June 11 statement. “Vulcan offers a level of computing that is transformational, enabling the design and execution of studies that were previously impossible, opening opportunities for new scientific discoveries and breakthrough results for American industries.”

During its initial shakeout period, LLNL said Vulcan was combined with the larger Sequoia system to produce set a world speed record of 504 billion events per second for a discrete event simulation in collaboration with the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. That achievement, said the lab, opens the way for the scientific exploration of complex, planetary-sized systems.

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