NRENs Seeking Proposals for Enlighten Your Research Global Competition

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Five leading national research and education networks (NRENs) — ESnet, Funet, Internet2, Janet and SURFnet – have launched a competition called the Enlighten Your Research Global. The program aims to encourage and support research collaborations by taking advantage of leading-edge, global network resources to accelerate national research.

Networks have become a critical piece of the research enterprise. Almost all scientific disciplines rely on networks to support research activities, well above and beyond the ubiquitous use of email, web, and other commodity-like services. Experimental collaborations such as the Large Hadron Collider demonstrate years of experience in working with networks as part of the science workflow. With the exponential growth in data output, similar paradigms are now rapidly emerging across many scientific disciplines from genomics to climate research and to new materials discovery. The EYR-Global program builds on SURFnet’s successful effort in the Netherlands, and represents an important step forward in helping researchers in all research fields to incorporate advanced global research networks to significantly improve discoveries and collaboration processes.

Researchers from any discipline and with any level of technical expertise are invited to submit a proposal by Monday, July1, 2013.