Altair Compute Manager 12.0 Scales Beyond 500 Concurrent Users and 500,000 Jobs

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Today Altair released Compute Manager 12.0, a speedier version of its popular software for running, monitoring, and managing workloads and results on distributed resources in high-performance computing environments. As a Web-based job portal for submitting and monitoring jobs in PBS Professional complexes, the version 12 reportedly runs one-and-a-half times faster than previous versions.

The latest version of Compute Manager is a perfect solution for users who want to consolidate their hardware and software resources,” said Altair PBS Works CTO Bill Nitzberg. “Its intuitive drag and drop interface, its ability to monitor jobs with filter capabilities and its 3D and 2D plots for visualizing results on the server allow users to simplify the management of their HPC jobs. It also serves as a gateway into HyperWorks On-Demand, Altair’s HPC public cloud offering “

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