Have We Lost Our Way in Supercomputing? Readers Weigh in at The Exascale Report

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In this special feature from The Exascale Report, readers from the HPC community weigh in on what the new #1 supercomputer in China means to U.S. competitiveness and why the DOE needs a Battlefield Commander to take on the challenge of Exascale Computing.

Even if the new DOE leadership gives exascale the evangelism it needs, someone still needs to get OSTP on board. This nation needs OSTP to be a champion for exascale development. DOE needs a leader who is both willing and capable of building a strong support network, and that means getting OSTP and OMB on board, if we are to regain a global HPC leadership position. Every aspect of the U.S. economy depends on this.”

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  1. anon-gov says

    Bravo, a thousand times Bravo.

    Outside of terrorism, America seems to wander about in a post cold-war, “can’t we all just get along” somnambulism, which often denies the strength and intentions of our true and worthy competitors, both economic and military. A major water-in-the-face wake-up call is required for the nation to realize that federally funded basic research and big-ticket high technology projects are required for us to maintain our leadership position and the economic benefits that naturally follow. The best “defensive weapon system” in the modern world is flat-out technological superiority and the purposeful will to use it as an engine of innovation in materials, products, services and manufacturing. American leadership on both sides of the isle and at all levels is missing the chance to assure our growth and strength for the long haul. Let’s stop pretending the world will co-develop and share Exascale innovations as some new-age global brotherhood and get the USA projects funded at an Apollo scale with the goals, education and resources to make it real.