Caterham F1 Team Races Past Competition with HPC

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Over at the CBR Blog, Ben Sullivan writes that the Caterham Formula 1 racing team is using HPC from Dell to better understand aerodymanics and reduce lap times.

CFD means you can look at the airflow over and through various components of the car, and this simulation allows us to filter so that we can test theoretical developments and match them up to wind tunnel results, before coordinating the two sets of results between each other,” said William Morrison, Caterham F1 Team’s IT Infrastructure Manager. “By trying out a number of different ideas and testing whether they will work or not, it means we are able to carry out development work without actually having to make parts.”

According to Morrison, an average CFD analysis job can take 17-hours to process approximately ten billion calculations. Partial differential equations are the norm and they reveal everything about how air is flowing in and around the part being tested.

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  1. The current standings show Caterham as dead last, so I’m not sure who they’re racing past.