Video: Interconnect for Tightly Coupled Accelerators Architecture

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In this video from the 2013 Hot Interconnects Conference, Toshihiro Hanawa presents: Interconnect for Tightly Coupled Accelerators Architecture.

In recent years, heterogenious clusters using accelerators are widely used for high performance computing system. In such clusters, the inter-node communication among accelerators requires several memory copies via CPU memory, and the communication latency causes severe performance degradation. To address this problem, we propose a Tightly Coupled Accelerators (TCA) architecture to reduce the communication latency between accelerators over different nodes. In the TCA architecture, PCI Express packets are directly used for the communication among accelerators over nodes. In addition, we designed the communication chip, named PEACH2 chip, to realize the TCA architecture. In this paper, we introduce the design and implementation of PEACH2 chip using FPGA, and PEACH2 board as the PCI extension board is presented. The GPU cluster with several tens of nodes based on the TCA architecture will be installed in our center, and this system will be able to demonstrate the effectiveness of the TCA architecture.”

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