Kathy Yelick on Helping Supercomputing Users Get Science out of Their Data

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Kathy Yelick

Over at LBNL, Jon Bashor has posted an excellent interview with Associate Laboratory Director Kathy Yelick on the future of supercomputing.

I think the scientific process is about to undergo a transformation, in the same way that the Internet has combined with web content and search engines to revolutionize every aspect of our lives. Far from the old model of the individual scientist working alone in a laboratory, scientists will be able to combine their own data with that of other scientists, re-using and re-analyzing data, and making use of sophisticated mathematical analyses to help discover relationships across data sets. Scientists already work in interdisciplinary teams, but in the future they will be able to easily search for and find scientific results from other teams, sometimes with surprising results. We are looking for ways to provide the computing systems and services to help our users get the science out of their data, and as with any other complex problem, we need to develop the underlying mathematics and better ways of expressing those mathematical relationships as programs.

In related news, Yelick will address the SC13 conference as the 2013-2014 Athena Lecturer.

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