Scalable Informatics Powers Ultra-Low Latency Cloud Trading Platform

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Scalable Informatics logoToday Scalable Informatics was recognized as a key partner behind the world’s first low latency on-demand financial cloud, built by Lucera. The breakthrough high performance cloud infrastructure is based on Scalable’s siCloud product, including their siRouter, siFlash, and JackRabbit systems.

Working with Lucera, we have been able to design a scalable system that brings powerful on-demand low-latency trading capabilities to anyone,” says Dr. Joseph Landman, CEO of Scalable Informatics. “By designing our hardware to run Lucera software as fast as possible we have helped reduce both the cost and deployment time for this new breed of trading system. Where else can a trader create an on-line account, deploy servers, and connect to any financial destination with a 100% software-defined network faster than it takes to drink a cup of coffee?”

Underpinning the Lucera platform, Scalable has employed several of its leading edge products, including siRouter, which provides Software Defined Networking and Extremely fast NAT, the tightly-coupled JackRabbit compute/storage server, and the record breaking flash/SSD-based SiFlash storage array.

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