Podcast: iVEC Student Cluster Team to Use Allinea MAP as a Secret Weapon

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REBECCA_HARTMAN_BAKER_S_0In this podcast, Dr. Rebecca Hartman-Baker from iVEC in Australia describes how she pulled together a team in Perth for the SC13 Student Cluster Competition. Using innovative profiling tools like Allinea MAP, the iVEC team hopes to tune application codes and gain a competitive edge.

Rebecca tell us the details in her recent blog post:

Given the limited amount of time that I had to hone the team’s skills, what could I do to expose them to what they would need for the competition, while eliminating as much unnecessary pain and suffering as possible? To get good throughput in the competition, the team would need to develop an understanding of the codes and speed them up if possible. Recalling my own experience as a student learning to use a supercomputer and to program in parallel, I soon determined that they would need a profiling tool to develop a deeper understanding of the codes. But what tool would be most suitable? It needed to be simple to use, but powerful enough to supply useful information. It needed to be non-invasive, both in terms of not requiring substantial changes to the make process or explicit insertion of instrumentation, and also having a low overhead. And it needed to be something that was not platform-specific, but could run on any cluster. The only profiler that met all the requirements? Allinea MAP, of course!

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