Low-Power Supercomputing Demo at SC13 Emerging Technologies Exhibit

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In this video, Roger Ronald, Chief System Architect at System Fabric Works describes the company’s demonstration of low-power supercomputing at the SC13 Emerging Technologies exhibit. Using Freescale SoCs, the company demonstrated the potential of 64-bit supercomputing.

System Fabric Works (SFW) is demonstrating an important step on the path to Exascale Computing with System on Chip (SoC) devices. While Exascale computing and Big Data have traditionally relied on standard server processors, SFW has found it can create a more efficient solution by using SoCs originally designed for the mobile infrastructure market.

SFW clustered 12 Freescale T4240 SoCs in a 4U chassis. The SoCs were interconnected by an 80-Gbps 2D torus and offer 24 external 10 Gbps Ethernet ports for scaling out along with four PCIe Gen3 slots per chassis for add-in Flash, Graphics, GPUs, InfiniBand, or 40GigE.

freescaleTo demonstrate HPC and Big Data applicability for the T4240, SFW showed Linux, Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA), the Open Fabrics Software (aka OFED), MPI, Portals 4 and the Lustre Client. For data storage and access SFW has integrated Intel’s Hadoop-enabled Enterprise Edition Lustre File System using NetApp’s E-Series.

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