Sponsored Post: An Open Letter to the HPC Community from Christiaan Best, CEO of Green Revolution Cooling

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In a letter to the insideHPC community, Christiaan Best, Founder & CEO of Green Revolution Cooling discusses the fiery motivation his organization has to change the data center cooling industry, their recent explosion of growth, and the cost-effective future of liquid submersion cooling.

Greetings from Austin, Texas –

Christiaan Best

Christiaan Best, Founder & CEO, Green Revolution Cooling

As members of the insideHPC community, I’d like to bring your attention to a few exciting developments that have been going on recently at Green Revolution Cooling. In our now four years of operation, we’ve consistently been working our hardest to deliver innovative submersion cooling products to forward-thinking data centers in search of the ultimate in cost savings, server performance, and energy savings. Our slogan “The Most Powerful, Efficient, Cost-Effective Data Centers” is one we stand by, every word.

So why are we reaching out now?

In the past few months, GRC has experienced an explosion of growth due to a number of factors I’d like to tell you about, as well as invite you to be in touch as the future holds even more great things. Our growth can be contributed to such developments as a new wave of clients in the HPC market, a string of positive press generated by high-profile installations, new OEM warranty agreements and collaboration with top-of-the-line hardware innovators, among many other feats.

Maybe most notably, Green Revolution Cooling was ranked #1 on the Green500 list in November of 2013, a distinction of which we are truly proud. For this accomplishment, we worked with Tokyo Institute of Technology to achieve the esteemed honor of cooling the world’s most efficient, greenest supercomputer.

Looking ahead, GRC will continue to deliver the most capital efficient data center cooling systems available. More and more, our clients understand that these savings are as impressive on the CAPEX side as they are on the OPEX side. In fact, we’re willing to claim it is the single most cost-effective and energy efficient cooling system available today, and these savings start at Day One.

How we’re able to offer such high savings and maximized efficiency is through our liquid submersion process. One of the keys to this process is our GreenDEF™ coolant, which brings me to our offering today. I’d like to invite you to gain a complete, 360-degree understanding of liquid submersion cooling for HPC data centers by reading two of our recently published White Papers on the topic – Submerged Servers in the Data Center – Not as Scary as We All Think and Paying the Price for High Performance – Beat the heat with Liquid Submersion. Both have been immensely popular since their releases, and provide full comprehension on what we are all about and how this solution makes sense for everyone and anyone with a data center to cool. The papers dispel myths and rumors, contain both technical and everyday applications, and are overall enlightening for your next conversation about the future of liquid cooling whether that is in the boardroom or break room.

To download Submerged Servers in the Data Center, click here.

For Paying the Price for High Performance, download with this link.

Thank you for reading. We’re looking forward to another year of creating the most exciting products for data centers on the market.

Christiaan Best
CEO & Founder of Green Revolution Cooling