Creating Mobile to HPC Applications using a Single Source Tree

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Rob Farber

Rob Farber

Over at Scientific Computing, author Rob Farber writes that pragma-based programming standards like OpenACC (and potentially OpenMP 4.0) move us closer to the single-source tree ideal by providing a mechanism to annotate code to run efficiently on serial and parallel.

Functioning OpenACC portability has been confirmed by several vendors, including PGI and CAPS, through tradeshow demonstrations that compile a single source code to run on AMD GPUs, NVIDIA GPUs, x86 multicore, ARM multicore and Intel Xeon Phi coprocessors. Expect multi-platform commercial compilers to become available in the 2014 to 2015 timeframe. Software efforts that utilize OpenACC can capitalize on the power of both current and future generations of teraflop-per-second massively parallel devices. For example, NVIDIA claims their new K1 processor for the mobile and tablet market can deliver 360 gigaflop per second (billion floating-point operations per second) while consuming one watt of power.

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