Fraunhofer to Spin Off Renamed BeeGFS File System

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thinkToday Fraunhofer announced the latest major release of FhGFS parallel file system featuring improvements on the storage server side and secure authentication.

Since March 10th 2014, the new major release of Fraunhofer’s parallel file system FhGFS is available and comes with two significant new features. While last year’s major release was primarily focused on metadata server improvements, the focus for the new release was on performance optimizations on the storage server side. Under the hood, the storage servers now create an innovative new data layout that uses user- and time-based grouping of chunk files. This approach reduces disk seeks significantly by improving the cache efficiency of the underlying server file system and helps to avoid aging-related performance reductions. More visible to the user is a new option for connection-based authentication between clients and servers using a pre-shared secret.

In related news, Fraunhofer is in the process of spinning off FhGFS into a new company called ThinkParQ. ThinkparQ will gradually take over sales, customer service and support for FhGFS under a new name: BeeGFS®.

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