Kurzweil: Natural Language is the Key to AI at Google

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220px-Raymond_Kurzweil_Fantastic_VoyageOver at The Guardian, Carole Cadwalladr writes that Ray Kurzweil is looking to take artificial intelligence to the next level in his role as Director of Engineering at Google. Language is the key, he says of his one-line mission statement: help bring natural language understanding to Google.

Kurzweil has worked with Google’s co-founder Larry Page on special projects over several years. “And I’d been having ongoing conversations with him about artificial intelligence and what Google is doing and what I was trying to do. And basically he said, ‘Do it here. We’ll give you the independence you’ve had with your own company, but you’ll have these Google-scale resources.'” And it’s the Google-scale resources that are beyond anything the world has seen before. Such as the huge data sets that result from 1 billion people using Google ever single day. And the Google knowledge graph, which consists of 800m concepts and the billions of relationships between them. This is already a neural network, a massive, distributed global “brain”. Can it learn? Can it think? It’s what some of the smartest people on the planet are working on next.

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